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To review, chakras are energy centers in our bodies that each have their own frequency of vibration, or life force. The word “chakra” is Sanskrit for “wheel” because the energy swirls in a circular motion like a wheel, creating a vortex. Some traditions say there are well over 100 chakras in and around the body, however there are 7 main chakras which run down the midline of our bodies. When they are balanced, we feel aligned in body, mind and spirit. Unfortunately, even the smallest action could easily offset the harmony of our chakras. During a Reiki treatment, I tune in to the vibration of your 7 major chakras and utilize the universal energy to help bring them back into balance. Here is an introduction to the sixth chakra. As always, I encourage you to dig deeper and do your own exploring about what speaks to you…enjoy!

The sixth chakra, The Light Chakra, comes from Sanskrit meaning to perceive and to command—perceiving the truth around us and commanding it into being. We find this chakra between, and just above, the eyes—it’s also known as the 3rd eye. Its ultimate purpose is to utilize all our gifts of perception to help us manifest the answers to our questions and the reality we want to live.

The Light Chakra is associated with: the color indigo; sight; intuition; imagination and the eyes and the brain—primarily the pineal gland.

Those who have issues with the sixth chakra may deal with the following: eye dysfunction including blindness, headaches/migraines, nightmares, sleep issues, lack of imagination and pathological lying.

The sixth chakra, represented by light, shows us that the electromagnetic energy of light allows us to visually see things around us which clarifies our perception of what is. And yet, the concept of perception can go much further because it can transcend time and space: we see things in the present, but we can retain those images which can bring us back to a memory from our past or stay with us as a point of reference in the future. Along with our ability to see, the sixth chakra also stimulates our sense of imagination which typically comes in the form of “pictures” in our mind. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the other function which is our sense of intuition—moving from the past, present, future and our inner and outer mind allows us to go beyond time, over and over, every day. By doing this, we can better remove the concept of perceived blockages (or threats) so we can get to the truth of a matter more easily which will ultimately help us expand our consciousness even further.

Going back to the concept of light, the sixth chakra reminds us how powerful color can be. The vibration of light is far faster and more exceptional in its properties compared to the elements from the lower chakras—again, lending to the concept of transcendence of time and heightened awareness. However, we also know that varying frequencies of light create the colors we see. Low frequencies form the “warmer” colors of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras (red, orange and yellow), whereas higher frequencies are required for the “cooler” colors of the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th chakras (green, blue, indigo and violet). Therefore, colors can affect us on an energetic, psychological and physical level due to their varying frequencies. Let’s also not forget that direct sunlight contains the entire spectrum of colors and hence is extremely healing for our bodies and minds—embrace the sun! Also, you can use color during your meditations or daily life to enhance the vibration of your chakras. Choosing home décor, clothing, foods, etc. that correlate with the color of the chakra(s) you’re focusing on can have a major impact.

One of my favorite aspects of the sixth chakra must be the sense of intuition. Some refer to this as psychic ability, or what is also called clairvoyance (which literally means clear seeing). We can develop our sense of clairvoyance by first wanting to hone that skill, and then learning to clear our minds—usually through some form of meditation (but not always). When our minds are clear, we see more clearly in all dimensions of time and space. I say trust your initial impression (or intuition) when tuning into your abilities of clairvoyance. Typically, the thoughts and images that come through are fleeting; they can come in a flash and then disappear, so you need to hold on to your very first impression because that is usually correct. Then, if the opportunity is appropriate, or presents itself, ask for validation from the person or people you are reading. As with anything else, you’ll get better with practice!

So, please take some time to consider this information and put these techniques into practice. In the meantime, I would love to get your feedback, and find out what mystical, metaphysical and spiritual questions you have. Thank you for taking time to learn with me, and know wherever you are on your journey, we are all divinely united and loved. Be well!



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