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To review, chakras are energy centers in our bodies that each have their own frequency of vibration, or life force. The word “chakra” is Sanskrit for “wheel” because the energy swirls in a circular motion like a wheel, creating a vortex. Some traditions say there are well over 100 chakras in and around the body, however there are 7 main chakras which run down the midline of our bodies. When they are balanced, we feel aligned in body, mind and spirit. Unfortunately, even the smallest action could easily offset the harmony of our chakras. During a Reiki treatment, I tune in to the vibration of your 7 major chakras and utilize the universal energy to help bring them back into balance. Here is an introduction to the fifth chakra. As always, I encourage you to dig deeper and do your own exploring about what speaks to you…enjoy!

The fifth chakra, The Sound Chakra, comes from Sanskrit meaning purification—purifying with all types of sound, or vibration. We find this chakra in our throat, neck and shoulders and it’s also referred to as the throat chakra. Its ultimate purpose is to further expand our consciousness by purifying our upper and lower chakras with the help of heard and unheard forms of communication.

The Sound Chakra is associated with: the color bright blue; the throat, neck, shoulders, ears and mouth; creativity and communication of all sorts—including telepathy.

Those who have issues with the fifth chakra may deal with the following: troubles with hearing, thyroid, chronic throat/neck/oral issues; toxic habits; feeling out of sync and lack of creativity.

The fifth chakra, represented by ether, reminds us that like the etheric (or spiritual) plane, our communication has boundless potential. It challenges us to have faith in, and believe, that there is more than meets the eye. Things like telepathic communication and healing or “seeing” from a distance are among some of the abilities manifested with an open fifth chakra. All of these are vibrational frequencies—which are forms of sound waves—helping us to move another level up and away from our physical bodies to bring us closer to a shared consciousness. Communication is a profound connector of life because it delivers understanding and wisdom—all of creation needs some form of it to exist. However, when our thoughts, actions and surroundings are of lower vibrational waves (in other words—toxic), it minimizes the purity of our chakras making us feel disconnected and threatening our overall health.

So, what can we do to address these potential issues with the fifth chakra? I cannot stress enough the immense power our thoughts, actions and surroundings have on ourselves and the world at large. How is it that a song can turn us into a pool of blubbering tears, or make us start wildly dancing? The sound waves interact with the vibration of every cell in our bodies that instantly transforms how we’re feeling. Well guess what? Your thoughts, actions and surroundings are giving off just as many sound waves as music does, and the collective conscience feels every single vibration. Simply put, if we put good vibrations out, we’ll get good vibrations in. If we put bad vibrations out, we’ll get bad vibrations in. I also want to take a moment to address social media and the informative role it has taken, for better or for worse, in our world. We can all do our part by taking a moment to pause before posting anything that will be public forever…choose your content wisely and responsibly! Overall, take inventory of toxic habits and see what you can do to start purifying for the greater good of yourself and all of humanity.

On a lighter note, you can actually make, or listen to, NOTES! Yes, I’m speaking of music. Sound through music is a more tangible way for us to make sense of the power of vibration—we can’t see it, but we can sure feel it. The type of music you listen to, or create, on a regular basis can really affect your mood. Try switching it up occasionally to energize you, calm you down or inspire! Speaking of inspiring…the fifth chakra is also about creativity. This could be creating anything from the next rocket for outer space to knitting a sweater. As long as you’re creating something, you’re helping to keep the vibrational flow of the fifth chakra healthy. And of course, physically moving the area of the neck and shoulders with gentle exercises of your choosing and ability are always helpful as well.

So, please take some time to consider this information and put these techniques into practice. In the meantime, I would love to get your feedback, and find out what mystical, metaphysical and spiritual questions you have. Thank you for taking time to learn with me, and know wherever you are on your journey, we are all divinely united and loved. Be well!


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