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Hello, my name is Suki Araujo, and I am a Third Degree Reiki Practitioner. I have been drawn to spiritual and mystical topics since I was very young, and began to take it more seriously as an adult after having a series of spiritual awakenings. I was introduced to Reiki energy healing in my 20's and have been developing my technique throughout the years by studying, taking classes, receiving bodywork and simply learning from every Reiki treatment I give. 


Before a treatment, I begin by tuning in to your energy through meditation which provides me with initial, helpful information that I share during your session. I also like to have a brief discussion before and after the energy treatment to review issues you may be concerned about and how they relate on an energetic and spiritual level.


During a session I feel very blessed to connect with a variety of spiritual beings who actually assist during the treatment--I never work alone. Every experience is unique because I never know who, or what, will come through! I have had the pleasure of working with angels, spirit guides, departed loved ones, animal and nature spirits, ascended masters, elementals and even the souls of those who are still with us in this physical plane. My ultimate guideline is I will only work with beings who have healing and love energy to share with me and my clients--we are always protected. Receiving a Reiki treatment is a very personal and powerful experience with a goal of deeper understanding and healing. I am very eager to share the knowledge I have gained and the wonderful gift of Reiki!

Peace, love and vitality,     Suki

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