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Hellomy name is Suki Araujo, and I am a Third Degree Reiki Practitioner. I was first intrigued by Reiki at the age of 10 when a woman at my church explained she was a healer—using her hands—her words resonated very deeply with me. Almost ten years later, I was enrolled in a massage therapy program at the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts. While I was there, the amazing faculty not only covered anatomy, physiology and pathology, but also introduced us to a myriad of alternative modalities for healing. Among them was Reiki, and because I was older and could comprehend it better, my interest was piqued!


After completing the program, I became licensed in Wisconsin and practiced as a massage therapist for several years. I also held positions in various fields after that, but never let go of my interest in Reiki. Then in 2015, I began serious studies with the guidance of a Reiki Master Teacher and completed my Third Degree Reiki Master attunement and training in 2017.


My journey has led me on a winding path of self-discovery that is continually expanding to create and sustain wellness. I am very eager to share the knowledge I have gained and the wonderful gift of Reiki!

Peace, love and vitality,     Suki

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