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Open Hands

Reiki is an energy healing technique which was founded by Dr. Mikao Usui at the end of the 19th Century in Japan. Loosely translated as: “Universal Life-Force Energy”, Reiki comes from the all-knowing source and provides healing for the body, mind and spirit. The tradition of Reiki has been passed along through a lineage of teachers who align a student with the Reiki energy through a series of Attunements; there are three levels (or degrees) in total. During most Reiki treatments, the practitioner will channel the energy through their hands while gently placing them in various positions on (or above) the recipient’s body.  


During a session, the recipient remains clothed and will typically lie comfortably on a treatment table. (In the case of illness/injury, Reiki treatments can also be given to those in a bed, wheelchair, etc.) The recipient usually experiences deep relaxation during a treatment, and will discover a multitude of healing aspects afterward as well. Reiki is a wonderful compliment to other modalities and medical practices…its main goal is for you to be well!


  • 1 Reiki Healing Treatment       -    $70.00

  • 5 Reiki Healing Treatments     -    $315.00 (5th session is half off)

  • 10 Reiki Healing Treatments   -    $630.00 (10th session is free)

Here are just a few matters that can be aided by Reiki: stress, grief/loss, depression, major life changes, trauma, fear/anxiety, end of life, illness, addiction, relationships and issues with conceiving/pregnancy/childbirth.

Another fascinating element to Reiki is it can also be applied to animals, the environment and spaces in general. If you have a favorite creature(s) in need of healing energy, they will love Reiki—animals are very receptive to its power. Also, outdoor and indoor spaces can receive Reiki to bless and cleanse the area. Perhaps you have a new home or place of business, or just feel like the energy in your space needs to be rejuvenated—Reiki is a wonderful tool to invoke freshness and light. (The above fees will apply for these treatments; mileage and travel expenses will be added.)

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Cash and credit card payments accepted. Gift certificates available for purchase.

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