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Once again, to review, chakras are energy centers in our bodies that each have their own frequency of vibration, or life force. The word “chakra” is Sanskrit for “wheel” because the energy swirls in a circular motion like a wheel, creating a vortex. Some traditions say there are well over 100 chakras in and around the body, however there are 7 main chakras which run down the midline of our bodies. When they are balanced, we feel aligned in body, mind and spirit. Unfortunately, even the smallest action could easily offset the harmony of our chakras. During a Reiki treatment, I tune in to the vibration of your 7 major chakras and utilize the universal energy to help bring them back into balance. Here is an introduction to the fourth chakra. As always, I encourage you to dig deeper and do your own exploring about what speaks to you…enjoy!

The fourth chakra, The Love Chakra, comes from Sanskrit meaning unstruck, fresh, clean—it brings forth pure, unconditional love. This chakra resides in our chest and upper back and is also referred to as the heart chakra. Its ultimate purpose is to balance all aspects of our being, from the physical to the spiritual, to create inner peace.

The Love Chakra is associated with: the color green (and also light pink); the heart, lungs, upper back, arms, hands, thymus gland; breathing; compassion and peace.

Those who have issues with the fourth chakra may deal with the following: issues with heart/lung disease, high blood pressure, asthma; obsessive feelings toward another; loneliness and contempt.

The fourth chakra, represented by air, reminds us love is like air in that it infinitely expands outward and gives us life. This type of love unifies and creates a sense of security, but it does not force conformity—it flows like air—no judgement or restrictions. This love is not the type of passionate love we experience in the second chakra. This love comes from within, when we feel at one with our very presence, and it expands out to all things around us. And yet, we are human, and most of us fear rejection, hence many people live without love to protect themselves. Unfortunately, that can close a pathway between our lower and upper chakras which depletes our heart chakra of the input in needs to understand love…ultimately leaving us very much alone and full of disdain. In others, troubles with the fourth chakra may manifest as an obsessive desire for another’s affection—to the point where the individual loses their sense of self.

So, what can we do to address these potential issues with the fourth chakra? Start with loving yourself. I know, easier said than done, but little by little we all need to find an unconditional love for ourselves. Tune in and ask your heart what it needs to feel whole. Throughout our lives, we have lower chakra experiences (on a physical and emotional level) that get stored in our upper chakras as patterns of consciousness. As our lessons become more complex, we can pull from our “book of knowledge” and apply what we’ve learned to positively impact our actions—the love chakra is the center of this amazing activity! We may also need to claim our individuality so as not to “lose ourselves” when experiencing what we think is love for another. If that “love” source goes away, it can send us plummeting because we don’t know who we are without it. Be sure to find things that are interesting and special to you and keep them near…just for yourself.

Another very effective tool for activating the fourth chakra is breathing! Yes, so simple, and yet so powerful. If you think of it, we can go for hours, days or weeks without heat, food or water, but only minutes without air. Breath is life. Deeper breathing helps us deal with anxiety and fear, provides us with a boost of energy and feeds our brains to help us make sound decisions. Try some intentional breathing whether it’s during your yoga practice, or some other physical activity. Also focusing on stretching and strengthening the chest, upper back and arms is very helpful. And lastly, one of my favorites is a compassion exercise. Find a time when you can first tune into yourself and send yourself unconditional love. Then, either imagine others around you, or look at others who may be in your physical space and send them a beam of love from your heart to theirs. (This is an unconditional love, not one of desire.) Hold it for a moment, and then release it. Once you feel like you are completed, return that unconditional love back to your own heart chakra, breathe it in deeper, and then let it go.

So, please take some time to consider this information and put these techniques into practice. In the meantime, I would love to get your feedback, and find out what mystical, metaphysical and spiritual questions you have. Thank you for taking time to learn with me, and know wherever you are on your journey, we are all divinely united and loved. Be well!


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