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It is important for me to review that chakras are energy centers in our bodies which each have their own frequency of vibration, or life force. The word “chakra” is Sanskrit for “wheel” because the energy swirls in a circular motion like a wheel, creating a vortex. Some traditions say there are well over 100 chakras in and around the body, however there are 7 main chakras which run down the midline of our bodies. When they are balanced, we feel aligned in body, mind and spirit. Unfortunately, even the smallest action could easily offset the harmony of our chakras. During a Reiki treatment, I tune in to the vibration of your 7 major chakras and utilize the universal energy to help bring them back into balance. Here is an introduction to the seventh chakra. As always, I encourage you to dig deeper and do your own exploring about what speaks to you…enjoy!

The seventh chakra, The Thought Chakra, comes from Sanskrit meaning thousandfold—referring to the unfolding of infinite lotus petals of understanding which is attained when we’ve grown through the chakras of earth, water, fire, air, sound and finally light. We find this chakra at the top of the head—it’s also known as the Crown Chakra. Its ultimate purpose is to show us we possess the knowledge of the divine within ourselves while simultaneously enjoying the universal divine.

The Thought Chakra is associated with: the colors violet and white; learning; meditation; understanding; central nervous system; cerebral cortex (the outermost layer of the brain) and the pituitary gland (sometimes referred to as the “master gland” because it is responsible for the majority of our bodily endocrine functions).

Those who have issues with the sixth chakra may deal with the following: issues with the brain/nervous system/endocrine system; depression, boredom; inability to learn; alienation and apathy.

The seventh chakra, represented by thought, takes us on a deeper journey into our consciousness. We can think of our consciousness as being divided into two parts. The first part is the descending consciousness which comes from the divine and travels down through all our chakras to help us manifest in this world. This type of consciousness is much denser and more focused with our level of attention. The second part is the ascending consciousness which goes out into the infinite knowledge. This type of consciousness is outside the self, allowing us to hover above the “cognitive logic” of our day to day lives. Our consciousness is constantly looking for meaning from questions like: “Why did that person seem mad at me?” all the way to “Who am I?” This is our way of seeking a pattern, or organization, so we can sense ourselves as belonging to the whole. By using our ability to think, it creates order which helps us to manifest form. Then wanting to be free again, our consciousness will return to the all-knowing source to seek out new meaning. There’s a constant interplay of both types of consciousness.

Taking this concept a step further, we see that throughout our lives, we build a field of information (sometimes referred to as a matrix) which is based on all the experiences we have. Everything from being born, learning to tie our shoes, experiencing the beauty of nature, death of a loved one, etc. We then use this matrix of information as a resource to help make sense of, and give meaning to, what we experience. However, from time to time, our collective consciousness is challenged—what is real and not real, what is truly important and not important? At these moments, we need to go deep within—usually with some form of meditation—to create space in our mind and declutter the information in order to gain clarity. Now, I understand there may be some people who say they don’t like to, or can’t, meditate. I get it…the stereotypical sitting cross-legged with eyes closed at the top of a mountain doesn’t work for everyone. But there are innumerable ways to tune in, like: guided meditations (there are so many these days); being in nature; or even through movement (running, walking, yoga, etc.)—and that is a very short list. So, I encourage you to find a meditative activity that works for you so you can quiet the chatter and hear the one true voice that really matters. The more you do it, the more you will want to do it.

The seventh chakra reminds us we need to experience both types of consciousness to be whole. However, it is important to remember that attachment to limiting thoughts and things stops us from transcending into the crown chakra. Enlightenment is not something to obtain, but rather an exercise in learning. Continue to ask questions and receive answers to become your best self.

So, please take some time to consider this information and put these techniques into practice. In the meantime, I would love to get your feedback, and find out what mystical, metaphysical and spiritual questions you have. Thank you for taking time to learn with me, and know wherever you are on your journey, we are all divinely united and loved. Be well!


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