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Has this ever happened to you? You’re listening to the radio, and you hear that song again—you know the one all the stations have on repeat? And you say to yourself, “If I hear this song one more time, I’m going to scream!” Or, you turn on the news and after just a few moments, you need to turn it off in disgust because it’s just too much. Well, I’m here to assure you, you’re not alone. At moments like that, I start to wonder “What else is out there?” and I turn to my spiritual tool box to raise my vibration and help me feel connected to something bigger than the drivel that seems to surround us at times..

Yes, I said spiritual tool box. It can be so easy to get bogged down by the daily rat race routines we’ve set up for ourselves, so we all need tools to get us grounded and reconnected. Honestly, the list is limitless, so I encourage you to find even just a handful that speak to you. Here are some of my top picks:

Be Still - Like I mentioned earlier, start with turning off your radio, television, phone, etc…remove the external chatter, and just be still. Take a few deep breaths and tune in to your thoughts and your body. Acknowledge your emotions and ask yourself what you need right at this moment to feel more connected.

Go Outside – My mother used to tell me this a lot, but it was usually said in exasperation: “Go outside!” (Now that I’m a mother, I totally understand!) But rest assured, I am telling you this in the most loving way. It doesn’t matter what time of day, or the type of weather Mother Nature is throwing your way…just get out there and experience the elements. Really tune in to the way the sun, rain, snow or wind feels on your skin. Relish in the glow of a bright, full moon. Smell summer flowers, or wet autumn leaves. Listen to the sounds of nature all around you—use all your senses and absorb nature’s bountiful energy!

Meditate/Pray – Many people believe that in order to meditate, you need to sit still on the floor with your legs crossed, eyes closed and your hands in some kind of funny position (they’re technically called mudras—which I will cover at another time). Although this is one way to meditate, there is also the concept of moving meditation. So if you’ve tried sitting and it’s just not doing it for you, try taking a walk, ride a bike, run, do yoga, dance, work in the garden—and do it with intention! Really focus on your breath and how your body feels while it’s moving. And of course with prayer, this can be done silently in your mind or out loud…just say everything that’s on your mind and you’ll be surprised how much lighter you feel afterward.

Music – Listening to or making music can instantly alter your state of mind because it is pure vibration! All energy and matter is made of varying vibrations, but music takes it to a very tangible level and can fast-track your energy to where it needs to be. These days we all have our streaming services of choice and literally millions of musical options. So I recommend searching for some meditative music that helps you feel calm and grounded. You’ll be so happy to see how quickly it works!

Research a Topic of Interest – When life seems dull, or things just don’t make sense anymore try turning your attention toward a subject you’re interested in. You can read a book or magazine about it, watch a documentary or take a class. Perhaps it’s an old hobby that you haven’t touched in years, or it’s a brand new topic you’ve been curious about recently and just want to learn more. Use that time to “get out of your head” and lose yourself in a different part of your mind.

Reiki – Now I am a bit biased given the fact I’m a Reiki Practitioner, but I can say in all honesty I go back to Reiki energy healing time and time again. I had my first treatment almost 30 years ago and was totally hooked! To review, when you’re receiving a Reiki treatment, the Practitioner is channeling a steady stream of loving and healing, universal energy just for you. The energy is all-knowing and goes where it’s needed. You will complete the session feeling relaxed, restored and definitely more spiritually connected. (And as a special gift to you, please mention this article and I will discount your next Reiki treatment!)

So my friends, I will leave you with that. Again, there are infinite ways to feel a deeper sense of connection, so perhaps try a few of these techniques, and then explore some other options that appeal to you. In the meantime, I would love to get your feedback and also find out what mystical, metaphysical and spiritual questions you have. Thank you for taking time to learn with me, and know wherever you are on your journey, we are all divinely united and loved.

Be well! Suki

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